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In today’s competetive market, companies find it necessary to invest in employees with high levels of skills, knowledge, and committment.

Learn A Living TM is a unique program designed to match students to an industry and match an industry position to the student. By partnering with various business enterprises and education programs, OLT will enable students to participate in a customized plan to achieve their individual professional goals. We are not a government agency. We work with our students and business partners on an individual basis to ensure each gets optimum attention and maximum benefit.

Online Training Insitute will:
1- Complete a needs asessment with various industries to document the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in each industry.
2- Share the needs assessment results with the parnter businesses in each industry and create a Learning and Development Plan unique to the industry that will identify the required skills and knowledge identified in the needs assessment. 3- Source approporiate learning solutions to satisfy the Learning and Development Plan for each individual prospective employee. 4- Monitor the learning progress of each individual seeking employement in the partner businesses to assure important schedules and milestones are met.

Partner businesses will:
1- Provide input to the needs assessment process to ensure appropriate information is collected regarding skills and knowledge needed in the idustry. 2- Interview students as potential new hires when they complete the course of study described in the Learning and Development Plan.

The student will:
1- Complete all learning and development courses and activities included in each student's Learning and Development Plan.
2- Agree to a minimum term of employement with the sponsoring company or organization if all qualifications are met.

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