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OnLine Training, Inc. (OLT) has been involved in Global Education since 1997. Our involvement includes non-profit educational conferences designed to improve education world wide, enhance the image of the United States of America as a source of democratic and liberating ideals which improve the quality of life for all humankind wherever these ideals are embraced.

Since 9/11 OLT has involved itself with projects and enterprises which have been designed to reduce the likelihood of future terrorist acts against the USA, and indeed which should reduce the likelihood of terrorist acts in general. OLT’s approach has included the distribution of Basic Adult Education Courses globally, the development of a taxonomy of conflict prevention, academic presentations during Global Learn Day, the American Association of Adult Continuing Education International Unit, and chapter publications released through the United Nations, and the Bosch Foundation. Several of these activities may be reviewed at:

http://www.oltraining.com/pba/taxonomyofconflict.pdf - Taxonomy of Conflict Prevention

http://users.voice-alert.com/gld6/6214.html - Taxonomy of Conflict Prevention a Global Learn Day presentation

http://users.voice-alert.com/gld6/6212.html- One Planet One People a Global Learn Day presentation.

In addition to the activities listed above, OLT is also engaged in creating a for credit component of OLT’s distance education enterprise. This “for-credit” program will be a profit center within OLT and provide courses through partnerships with US and Eastern European universities. This component will capitalize on OLT’s expertise in international educational enterprises and build its program around a uniquely qualified faculty.

Founding Faculty include:

International Division

Workshops Offered in the Summer of 2004


Courses Offered, available for the Summer 2004 session.


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