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New faculty should (1) register at OLT College, (2) send your CV to admin@oltraining.com, (3) send an image for use on the faculty webpage, (4) and also send a bio for the faculty web page.
Plan for growth. OLT will establish a complete curriculum leading to a degree in International Studies, among others, and begin the process of resourcing the classes with qualified instructors. Instructors assigned a class are required to develop a course description, syllabus and course material which will enable the faculty to teach the assigned course.
Business model. OLT will resell its courses through existing accredited colleges (partner institutions), and offer the services of OLT faculty members to other institutions to serve as adjunct faculty. OLT College will move as quickly as possible to establish itself as a fully accredited degree granting institution.

Founding Faculty include:

International Division


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