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OLT courses are unique.

The Redding Method:

  • Is 2.3 times as efficient as traditional Review Courses.
  • Removes learning barriers.
  • Focuses on why adults choose to learn.
  • The Method, is based on the fundamentals of adult learning and motivational theory.
  • You learn better and faster.

There are many ways to study for an exam. Most are repetitive and boring. You can read the book again, focusing on those sections that seem to be the hardest to understand. You can listen to tapes, or practice with flash cards. But the flash cards may or may not be current. A tape is a completely sequential method that is time consuming and requires you to often listen to material you know in order to get to the material you need to study.

There are dull computer based training programs that drill you using a bank of questions. Some of these programs are also finding their way on to the internet.

The Redding Method is different. Dr. Redding has been involved in adult education, training, and training development for over 30 years. First as a military trainer, then as a training developer for military systems, and finally as a social scientist studying why and how adults learn. Interestingly, one of the out comes of Dr. Redding's research is the realization that there are two keys to overwhelmingly effective training. First, is understanding the motivation to learn. Second, is understanding that there are fundamental barriers that each individual must overcome during the learning process. Combined with these two elements of information is the realization that controlling the learning environment can maximize an individuals progress along a learning curve.

Adults are knowledge shoppers. Their motivation to learn is typically tied to a need to know. This need to know can be external such as job pressure, or internal such as natural curiosity. The Redding Method acknowledges both forms of motivation to learn, however, our courses are designed to satisfy the practical external pressures of an adults need to learn. Our method and content are focused on the adult successfully completing an exam. Our courses are designed to guide the student in the most efficient and effective manner through the learning process. Other courses may cost less. But they will consume more of the students time and may be much less effective.

The first barrier - fear. Most adults returning to school have to overcome the fear that they may not be successful. The Redding Method introduces content in a logical, progressive sequence. Broad concepts, principles and definitions are introduced first. More complex material is introduced and drilled later. Initial questions are simple and presented in a psychologically logical manner that increases the likelihood that students will select right answers. This approach yields immediate success and reduces a student's fear, and thus his or her test anxiety. Through practice and mastery of the Review & PassPrep Course material, the student becomes completely confident of their ability to pass state, and federal exams. Other courses may simply plod through material, presenting more wrong information than right information, frustrating the student and adding to their fear or anxiety. The Redding Method presents only right information. Every answer is the right answer to a particular question.

 The second barrier - time. Adult students have a limited amount of time to study. The Redding Method includes course tools designed to permit the students to move directly to the material they wish to study. Several study strategies are available to students. Course material can be studied in the sequence present in the study manual, or in a topical sequence of the student's choosing, or in the sequence in which the exam will cover the material. Through the course tools, students know how many questions to expect on the examine in a given topical area. They can plan their studies based on what they know, and what they need to know. Because the Review & PassPrep Course is online, it is available to the student when the student has time to study. Other courses may not provide the student with a way to control access to topics or specific content, and thus consume more time.

The third barrier - location. Some students prefer to study at home. Others prefer to study in the office. Through OLT the student can study the Review & PassPrep Course material from where ever they have access to the internet. They can even study a Review & PassPrep Course while on vacation if they have access to the internet.

Controlling the learning environment. At OLT we understand our responsibility to create learning situations that permit high success in the minimum amount of time with the least effort. Our training developers and educational analyst follow training development models that optimize our Review & PassPrep Courses so that they can be presented in the optimum learning environment. Study tips and guidance are provided during the courses in an effort to retain control over the learning process to insure the students success. These tips guide the students learning, without intruding. These tips break up the study sequence at appropriate times to insure the students are able to take a relaxing mental shrug as they proceed through the course.


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